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March 24, 2019

Do you need marketing for a separate product or service?

What are your short term marketing strategies?

Then you need Microsite!

What is microsite?
Microsite is a small, focused website that communicates detailed information about events, new product launches, or promotions. Microsites usually last only a short time, usually one to two months. In addition to the purpose of promoting, they also bring the brand to interact with consumers, identify the target customers more easily.

Highlights of microsite are low investment costs, typically just one tenth to one third of the cost of building a regular website. In addition, microsite also supports the sales staff in introducing and selling new products. Thanks to these advantages, microsite is becoming a very hot online advertising tool, but not every online marketer effectively exploits it.

Microsite allows marketing to focus on a specific purpose, such as selling discounted products, offering products for businesses, promoting a new product line, or as a navigation page for Customers visit the website … And sometimes, the design and function of a microsite will be different from the original website. In general, Microsite has an eye-catching interface, unlike the website’s homepage.

Often to attract the attention of visitors, Microsite designers will integrate eye-catching effects, or enhance the user experience right on the microsite such as online games, quiz questions, sound , photos, video, etc. So, come up with ideas for these little details too.

Microsite interface design
Interface: Beautiful, friendly, impressive and professional. Why are you impressed? Microsite is a short-term tool. You have to make sure your Microsite design impresses your target audience at first sight.

SEO Standards: Microsite wants to work effectively, need a solid platform Microsite design. All the issues then belong to Content.

Microsite Responsive: Friendly or compatible with mobile devices

South Edge Digital – Professional Microsite Design Services
As a professional website design company, South Edge Digital brings to you partners website products can not be more satisfied whether the website of any field.

Made by experts in the industry, Microsite is made by South Edge Digital:

Artistic aesthetics in the interface
The most optimized functions are compatible with each type of Microsite campaign and the company is performing.
You can select an existing theme or design theme. Contact us for a free consultation.

Hotline: 0989.66.123

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